Looking back… and forward…

For the last few years I have always written a few words at the end of the year… looking back at what has happened and what my plans are for the year to come. This year I almost gave up on this tradition because I truly don’t know what to say… The last few years have been very difficult in finding my own path and place in this business. I have had so many goals and dreams – and most of all passion for everything I do. And I have always had faith that no matter how bad things look there is always hope… I am not a person to give up easily – I am used to struggling and I want to work for the things I believe in. But when is it time to admit that a lot of hard work and passion is not always enough?

Next year is a big question mark for me. I love my work, I love this business, I love SHALMIAK – but is it enough? I hope it is but I have to be prepared for changes. My family has given me a lot of support and they have given up so much so I can pursue my dreams. But how much do I want them to bend?

I am so thankful to all the people who have supported me in this business. No matter what the future brings I will always cherish the moments we have had together. Sometimes a few wonderful words have given me strength to fight forward. And I am still fighting… and hopefully at the end of next year I can say that it was all worth it… But I am also trying to take it one day at a time… and hopefully will figure out what my next goals are – in business and in life.

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to you all!

Take care,

… something old… something new… something blue…

Old designs entail a lot of memories… about my path in designing and finding my style, feelings and emotions, kids growing up, family and life in general. Sometimes I like to go through old designs and look back what life was like when a particular design was created… who it was designed for, how much effort I put into it, how people reacted to it and how I felt when I hold that fabric in my hands for the very first time. Some were instant favorites, some came more important to me over time and some were proofs of the fact that people sometimes make mistakes but hopefully learn from them.

I think some designs deserve the chance to reappear – at least in some format.

PEPPI BLOOM is one of them… it was one of my first designs printed on fabric at the end of year 2012… Big bold flowers were not very common then – at least not in Germany where it was published – and nobody knew how people would react to this design… It was maybe not a huge top-seller but I think a lot of people in Finland still remember my work best from this design. It was something elegant and classy – suitable for both kids and adults.

A new version of PEPPI BLOOM is now available in two fresh colours as soft, organic sweat fabric – perfect for winter dresses!

PEPPI BLOOM in red and PEPPI BLOOM in blue

THE RACE originally produced in early 2013 – was a popular print especially for boys and I think it deserved another run… now on cool grey.


Also for instance SWEET DAYS and HIPPIE DAY has got their chance to live again. What is your favourite print designed by Sari Ahokainen? Anything you would like to see reproduced? Ideas and suggestions are always welcome! Comment below or send me an email!


I love to see what people create of fabrics by SHALMIAK!

That is why I created the share SHALMIAK -challenge…

Everyone can send pictures of their creations to SHALMIAK and every once in a while a creative participant will be rewarded!

Read more about this challenge and take part!

It is time to reward someone again… THANK YOU for sharing, Aubrey! You will receive some mail, hopefully soon 🙂

Unfortunately this cool BOO-fabric is already sold out but who knows… maybe we will see this print again next autumn…

Would you like that?

*** ! H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N ! ***



A few BOO-beanies are still available!


All my designs have a special meaning to me but somehow I have grown to love PEACOCK LOVE… it is simple, elegant and suitable for both kids and adults. And now I really LOVE what Mimi Näht has created of it… truly elegant! Or what do you think?

More fantastic pictures can be found at Mimi Näht

And PEACOCK LOVE in limited edition can only be bought at WWW.SHALMIAK.COM in elegant black and radiant blue!




Thank you all for participating in the SHALMIAK giveaway! We have the winners….

CONGRATULATIONS to Maiju (Finland), Anna (USA) and Steffi (Germany)!!!

Winners have been contacted privately.

Didn’t win this time but want to get a chance to enjoy these fresh fabrics by SHALMIAK? As a thank you for participating (or at least checking this post ;)) you will get a 10% discount on all products with the coupon code GIVEAWAY16

This coupon is valid only until 25th September 2016. Don’t miss this chance! All fabrics have been produced in very low quantities. Some are already sold out and some are very low in stock…  And after you have sewn something great of these fabrics don’t forget to enter the share SHALMIAK -challenge… another chance to win fabrics by SHALMIAK!!!

THANK YOU all for your interest and support!

Best wishes,