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Olomuoto ry is an association started by three creative ladies from Kuopio organizing inclusive events and pop up stores around Finland (and hopefully someday in other countries too). Their next pop up will be in Oulu in early September and SHALMIAK was honoured to be invited to participate. KANGAS-POP UP Oulu – here we (=fabrics by SHALMIAK) come! 🙂

This kind of event is perfect for SHALMIAK because until now SHALMIAK has mainly appeared online – through its online store and online marketing. SHALMIAK hasn’t had the capacity to promote its brand through fairs and other live events and perhaps that is one reason it hasn’t reached its audience well enough. So this pop up is a great opportunity for SHALMIAK to get its fabrics in front of people – for real. Even though online shopping is very popular these days there are still a lot of people who want to touch and feel the materials and see the actual colours. This is especially important in fabrics because there are so many different qualities out there and the colours never look 100% accurate on screen. Fabrics by SHALMIAK have a soft and silky feel and vibrant colours but you should definitely try them to be (hopefully) convinced.

At this point I only regret that I didn’t find this kind of opportunities earlier. Now I am not sure what my main goal is – to get exposure and make my brand more known or to clear my remaining stock of fabrics. I try to have an open mind – put my best effort in this and see what the results are… Will this event give me a new push to move forward or confirm my thoughts of changing direction? I hope this pop up will pop my mind and give me confidence to move on – whatever the direction may be.

I hope you are heading to Oulu! In addition to SHALMIAK there will be many other fantastic brands attending as well!


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  1. Have fun!
    I’ve done a similar event here in Australia with the sewing guild. Fabric is such a tactile purchase and while online is the majority of my work I did find lots of new customers who after they were able to feel / touch fabrics had more confidence to then buy online from me. Hope you have fun.

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