… SUOMEN KÄDENTAIDOT … and a giveaway!


Finally a moment to share my experience at Suomen Kädentaidot – the biggest craft and design fair in Europe! It certainly was a success in every aspect – 49 331 visitors in total – a new record for this fair! And it certainly was a success for SHALMIAK too!

I was excited to participate but also terrified… Previously I was confident that I would never participate in this kind of events… I would be too nervous… but I guess a mid-life crisis hit me and I decided it was time to break my own boundaries. And I am so happy I did! It was such a great experience – both for SHALMIAK as a brand and for me as a person. The most wonderful thing about the fair was meeting so many wonderful people with so much passion for crafts and design – and even love for my work! I was overwhelmed by the encouragement I got from so many people to continue with my own unique path as a designer and a fabric producer.

My main goal with this fair was to get some answers… what to do next… continue or move forward with something else. The answer I got was to give this one more chance. So I am moving forward… but cautiously. In a couple of weeks the hype of the fair is over and I need to push forward with new plans and ideas to make people remember me. This fair gave me great exposure but now the hard work continues…

My journey to Tampere would not have been possible without a great support net… My husband standing by my side at the fair… my mother-in-law making cartwheels to entertain our two boys there… and other relatives joining the force :).

The only little down side (or not!) was being so busy at my own stand that I didn’t have the chance to visit others… Only during the last day I took a short (or not!) walk through the halls to meet a fellow exhibitor… and I was shocked… This place and event was so much bigger than I thought! Perhaps it was only my luck I didn’t know this from the start when I set up my own little crappy booth… 😉 It would only have shocked me and made me think I had no chance of getting noticed.

When the fair was over it was quite hectic to pack everything for the journey back home… it was raining and everything seemed like a little chaos… but I forced my husband to take this fast pic… I felt so like a winner to made it through!


And now it is time to start preparing for Christmas! SHALMIAK is having a little giveaway… sending gifts to three fans! I hope you participate and even share it with your friends!

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